Fictionally Asked Questions

What is lined?

A line-based text editor. See the about page for (slightly) more info.

Why is it called LinEd?

Because it's a line-based text editor. It's also a (bad) pun on Ed, which is the Standard Text Editor.

Why was it written?

Because there wasn't one, and I needed one to fix my numerous errors quickly. It is, in fact, a program to help wth my frequent programming mstakes, the logic of this notwithstanding. Although I usually debug in VIM, so it's more useful for my other errors. Oh, and also because I wanted something to do.

What operating systems does it run under?

In theory, any OS that supports Perl will be able to run LinEd. However, it currently assumes any non-Windows OS is POISX-compliant, so if yours is neither, you'll have a problem with input, namely that it won't work.
(As of 0.7, the --no-posix switch fixes this.)