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The full filelist for the project can be found here, or you can download them from the bottom of this page. The latest release is displayed at the top, in three formats - plaintext, .tar.gz The plaintext one is just the LinEd program itself, nothing more. The zip file also contains the latest version of the documentation in plaintext, and the tar.gz contains the program, the latest version of the documentation as a manpage and a *NIX installer.

At some pont there may be a bytecode version available for those who don't have Perl installed, but only if people actually care enough to ask for one (and/or if I can be bothered to provide one).

The installer copies all the files in its CWD (which is the directory you're running it from, IIRC) that have the file format lined-x.y(.z) into /usr/bin, chmod'ding 755 as it goes, and creates a link in the same place named plain ol' lined to the most recent version. It also copies lined.1.bz2 into /usr/share/man/man1 so that you can access it with man lined. If you want to specify alternate destinations (such as if your man pages aren't in /usr/share at all), you'll have to modify the program itself, but don't worry - it's just a little shell script.

Also available is the documentation, in both plaintext and manpage format. An HTML version may become available, but man2html doesn't like me.

Latest version of LinEd is 0.7.
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Latest version of the documentation is 0.7.
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